GEDI Week: Nnenia Campell and Saúl Maldonado on Amplifying Definitions of Diversity in the Discourse and Practice of Culturally Responsive Evaluation


Posted by John LaVelle in Graduate Student and New Evaluators, Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation

Nnenia Campbell and Saύl Maldonado, recent graduates from the American Evaluation Association’s Graduate Diversity Education Internship programme, talk on what they have gained from this programme and how they have come to understand that “definitions of diversity require amplification.”

This internship programme looks to aid and support persons from an underrepresented background in the field of evaluation.

Their posts look at the diversity from which people come and how the evaluation process needs to cater to that diversity.

Cultural responsiveness is co-constructed between evaluators and evaluands. We must seek to identify and communicate the diverse worldviews that are represented in the evaluation process and, more importantly, how diverse beliefs, perspectives, behaviors and values can serve as “resource differences.” Such communications should be continuous, throughout initial, intermediate and final stages of evaluations.

To read more about their experiences visit the American Evaluation Association’s website here: PART 1, PART 2.

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