A school-wide anti-bullying programme that really works?


A school-wide anti-bullying programme that really works? 

“Schools invest scarce time and money to put a stop to bullying and end the misery that it inflicts on children. Can they trust that the programs they adopt really work? Maybe not, according to reviews of the evidence. However, a new study encouragingly finds that one program makes a small but reliable difference.”

Evaluation from a programme in the US suggests that a whole-school approach to foster a positive school climate and firmly discourage bullying, may work to encourage intervention rather than supporting bullying at a peer level. Lessons are given to help kids improve their social skills, manage their emotions, and seek help.

This article summarises the evaluation methods used for this programme and the results.

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Prevention Action is an online news publication reporting internationally on innovation and effectiveness among programs for improving children’s health and development. If this is an area of interest for you, head on over to their archive here.

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