Window on Waikato Poverty Imbalances and Inequalities: Issue Five – July 2013

window on waikato poverty

The fifth issue of Anna Cox and Dr Rose Black’s report into the poverty experienced in Waikato is available in the Community Research kete (basket).
Growing inequalities are leading to imbalances in the way people are able to live well and care for each other and the environment. In this issue they report on the impacts both the local and global market economies have on people in the Waikato as they rise and fall.

“The numbers of children growing up in households where there is poverty in our region is deeply concerning.”

They consider how people are struggling to make ends meet, housing, economic inequality, the impacts of poverty on children and young people. In a new section they consider the impacts of changing land ownership and use in the Waikato.

“This report highlights a profound need to create better equity in access to both opportunity and resources in the Waikato for the sake of human welfare and the wellbeing of future generations.”

It can be found here.

Community Research


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