What works with Māori: What the People Said Research Report

what works with maori what people said

A Families Comission Research Report
Dr Kathie Irwin, Lillian Hetet, Sarah Maclean and Gene Potae
This report is the concluding publication from a body of work undertaken by the Commission as part of its Whānau Rangatiratanga Work Programme: He Ara Whakamua, Building pathways together to the future.
Compiled from four gatherings around the country with over 600 people and a literature review, this report, “identifies critical success factors leading to positive Māori outcomes, such as: relationships and collaboration; measurement; kaupapa Māori; putting whānau at the centre; the need for good data and research; aspirations and expectations; high-quality services; the need for adequate funding; innovation and transformation; tino rangatiratanga; building capacity and capability; and best practice.”
The report outlines:

  1. The methodology (including the Kaupapa Māori/critical theory framework)
  2. Māori affairs policy
  3. Whānau
  4. Key note speeches
  5. Analysis of the workshop discussions
  6. Literature scan
interpretive framework

Find the report here

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