Whanau PATH planning gives Mum inspiration

Karen lives on the Chatham Islands and is a mother of two who had no direction, was unemployed, had issues with her daughter, kept herself in isolation and had low self-confidence. Karen approached the local Māori Community Services provider after hearing about whānau PATH planning and accessed their support as she implemented her plan. The planning approach was fulfilling for Karen and over a period of 12-15 months she has now secured full time work, has improved her relationship with her daughter, is more actively involved in the community and is feeling strong and confident.

Karen believes the encouragement and inspiration provided, together with the Facilitator, was key to her getting to where she is today.

When you’re stuck in a rutt it seems like you can’t get out of it. She [the Facilitator] gave me inspiration and insight that there is more… Instantly things started to happen. Without me even looking at the plan. 

Community Research


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