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Treaty Voyages

How’s Your Organisation Faring?

Jen Margaret,

Applying the Treaty of Waitangi in your organisation is a journey. 

Jen Margaret (Groundwork), Karen Molyneux and Harsh Vardhan share research and offer practical guidance for organisations who are applying Treaty of Waitangi principles. They are joined by Jan Hinde and Kaye-Maree Dunn to share: 

Jen’s slides

Resources covered in this video

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About the Presenter

Jen Margaret

Jen Margaret is a dedicated Treaty advocate and educator.  She is a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator who enjoys working with organisations to deepen their understanding and application of the Treaty. Jen is the author of Ngā Rerenga o Te Tiriti: Community organisations engaging with the Treaty of Waitangi. As a recipient of Winston Churchill and Loxley Fellowships, Jen has also researched the work of non-indigenous allies in North America, Australia and Aotearoa.  Jen is Pākehā, of Cornish, Scottish, Danish and German ancestry.

This Webinar was held

11 AM NZ Time
20 Nov
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