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Complex Projects, Short Stories

Stringing Together Your Data To Create Narratives

Moya Sayer-Jones,

This recording helps to construct effective narratives and tell stories of success and outcomes, in order to secure or retain funding?

Having a well-told story is like having a goose that lays golden eggs. Defining and refining our stories brings clarity to our work, meets our reporting requirements and shares our learnings with others.

Moya Sayer-Jones and friends present a 60-minute event, showing you how you can get your stories straight.

In this webinar

Moya explains how to present your stories in a way that inspires and engages others in order to promote your work, meet reporting requirements, and share your learnings

  • She will show how groups can create and use their stories to provide outcomes narratives for funders and other stakeholders.
  • Moya will be joined by leaders of community organisations who will share their experiences of creating and using stories to further their missions
  • This webinar will provide practical tools for doing this.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a structure for putting together an outcomes narrative
  • Be introduced to tools for gathering and presenting stories
  • Understand the importance of articulating outcomes achievements
  • Know the experiences of groups who use these tools

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is particularly (though not exclusively) for time-poor, cash-strapped managers, leaders, funders, researchers, fundraisers, and NGO professionals who are under pressure to produce evidence of real results, and to provide narratives which show change and outcomes.

About the Presenter

Moya Sayer-Jones

Moya Sayer-Jones is one of Australasia’s leading experts on storytelling. She works with both NGOs and government organisations, helping them to ignite the power of story to make a bigger difference in what they do and how they do it. She applies story tools to organisational development, reporting, donor and volunteer recruitment, HR and communications. In her not-so-distant past life, Moya was well known as a novelist, columnist, performer and film maker in Australia.

Moya’s clients include YWCA Auckland, NZ Cancer Council, UnitingCare Australia, Medicare Local, Christchurch City Mission, Australian Department of Health and Ageing, The Australia Council,  Regional Arts Australia, Victorian Women’s Trust, and the Queensland Mental Health Alliance. She has seen story move minds and mountains. That’s why she’s a story activist. Watch out: she’ll try to make you into one too!

This Webinar was held

11 AM NZ Time
26 Jul
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