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Sharon Armstrong

Sharon Armstrong: Tips for Online Safety

Sharon Armstrong (Ngati Kahungunu), became a victim of romance fraud in April 2011, when she was arrested at an airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with five kilos of cocaine concealed in a suitcase.  She spent 2.5 years in prison in Argentina, far from her family and friends, fighting to prove that she knew nothing of the drugs she was carrying.

Sharon filmed 2 videos for us during Covid-19 lockdown in Aotearoa in April 2020, to enable her experiences in Argentina to help us during lockdown. Her first video, Staying safe and well in isolation, is available here.

In her second video, Sharon shares her valuable learnings of what we can do to keep the most vulnerable among us safe from online fraudsters and scammers, who may be looking to exploit those feeling isolated during lockdown.

About the Presenter | Sharon Armstrong

Sharon Armstrong (Ngati Kahungunu) is a justice worker, author and public speaker.  She has shared her experience of romance fraud in her book 'Organised Deception', launched in March 2018, to highlight the many issues that victims of fraud face. 

She advocates for victims/survivors and their families who have been exploited in some way by scammers and is working to get legislative change made in Aotearoa to protect victims of this type of fraud.

By using her experience as an example for others, she hopes to show that anyone can overcome adversity.  We just need time to rise above it and grow from the experience.

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