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Outcomes Harvesting Evaluation – the missing piece of the puzzle?

How do you know that your organisation creates deep social change?

Jeph Mathias, Suzanne Andrew,

How do you know that your organisation or group creates deep social change? Do you work in a complex environment where linear outputs are hard to measure?

Our August 2021 webinar discusses the evaluation methods Outcomes Harvesting and Outcomes Mapping. These evaluation methods focus on people and the deeper and more personal changes made, rather than the actions done by an organisation.

We welcomed Jeph Mathias and Suzanne Andrew who presented this methodology through their evaluation experiences in an international development context, working with global indigenous communities. Reflect on why a people-centred (rather than activity-centred) approach to evaluation is as applicable to your organisation in Aotearoa as it is to snow leopards in the Himalayas or income generation in Cambodia.

Following this half-hour webinar, we invited participants to stay for a half-hour workshop to apply their own context and questions to this topic.

If you are interested in looking further into how outcomes harvesting can help your organisation, Jeph would love to hear from you: 


Jeph listening to a tribal person during his outcomes harvesting work in an Indian Himalayan village

About the Presenters

Jeph Mathias

Jeph, a New Zealand/Indian has been messing around with complex human/environmental issues all his life. Long ago he taught in an illegal multiracial school in apartheid South Africa and volunteered with Mother Teresa. He took off from Auckland medical school to trap crocodiles in the Amazon and after becoming a doctor he worked MSF In a war in Colombia and lived in a Cambodian slum. Having kids brought him back to medicine in Aotearoa (Rotorua and Ōautahi) but the call of the big, wild, ugly, beautiful world took him back to the Himalayas from 2006 until Covid arrived last year.

Back in Ōtautahi now, Jeph evaluates and designs complex projects in Aotearoa and internationally. His thinking is strongly influenced by the people-centred Outcome Mapping (OM) and Outcome Harvesting (OH) philosophy but that’s mixed with what he’s picked up from work as an emergency doctor in New Zealand, living in slums in Asia, Latin America and Africa, leading small project teams in remote places, teaching in South Africa, leading expeditions and from Auckland, Otago, Massey and Cambridge universities. Somehow, he’s picked up qualifications in medicine, biology, philosophy, GIS and development studies, but his real education has come from a lifetime playing around on this fabulous and flawed planet.

Suzanne Andrew

Suzanne Andrew has worked in project and emergency management roles, and in a regional health planning role for the Midland DHBs. Suzanne now works as change manager lead for Innovation & Improvement in the Acute Demand Programme at Bay of Plenty District Health Board.

Suzanne has a Master of International Development from Massey University. Her research project looked at Cambodian women’s experiences of working in their family bakeries in New Zealand and understanding their sense of belonging. Learning about the women's big dreams for themselves and their families was the highlight of 2019.

Outside of work, Suzanne enjoys beach life in Mount Maunganui with her husband Patrick, and sharing their home and favourite places with visitors. 

This Webinar was held

11am NZ Time
24 Aug
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