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All Community Researchers Tautoko session

Tautoko session - All researchers

Bev Tso Hong, Moana Minson,

We invite you to join our online forum “All Community Researchers Tautoko Session” on May 30th from 11:00 am-12:30 pm.  

Amidst the research landscape, the quest for meaningful connections and collaborative endeavours can often prove elusive. Community Research is hosting an inclusive gathering aimed at addressing the challenges of isolation faced by researchers across Aotearoa.  We’re hosting this session in response to your calls for more spaces where researchers can connect and share their research activities. 

Join us as we endeavour to redefine this narrative. From our on-going series of ‘Tautoko’ sessions,  crafted to provide a dedicated space for  Ethnic Migrant community researchers to connect, we extend our embrace through a session that encompasses all researchers in Aotearoa. 

We also want to acknowledge and offer our support to all those Researchers in Aotearoa doing it tough right now. We know how important research is and we are saddened by the impact on the broader research sector through the current austerity measures. 

Let’s connect, support each other, and build a stronger research network together.

Register for all researcher tautoko session May 30 2024, 11:00 am -12.30 pm

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Community Research has created a private Facebook discussion group where you can meet other researchers and NGOs who are grappling with similar questions to you.

About the Hosts

Bev Tso Hong

Bev is a social policy researcher whose work has spanned a wide range of social sector portfolios. In recent years, she has been interested in approaches that strengthen and affirm positive societal values and wellbeing including a focus on the role of arts and culture in society, sense of belonging, and bridging across diverse perspectives. In 2020, she co-led an anti-racism/pro-diversity art-based community initiative which spotlighted the diversity of Chinese communities in Aotearoa (www.aotearoaposter.com). Bev is actively involved in Chinese community initiatives in Aotearoa and a Principal researcher at Kōtātā Insight Limited.

Moana Minson

Moana is an advocate for social change through creative mediums. Their background is in Anthropology and Narrative Design, using the power of stories in interactive platforms (like video games) to explore empathy and understanding of what it's like to live as the 'Other' (or, how to 'play a day in my shoes'). They are the Director of Path Weaver Productions, a storytelling studio that makes games that have a positive social impact.

11.00 am
30 May
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