The Power of Story – Workshop for Not for Profit Organisations

power of story

When: Feb 12 2014 9am – 1pm
Where: Unitec Mount Albert Campus, Gate 4, Carrington Road, Mount Albert, Bdg. 76 (a map will be sent on registration)
Cost: $75 plus GST
Enrol by emailing: with the names of those attending and invoicing details.
Every organisation has great stories to tell. This inspirational workshop looks at the power of story to win hearts, change minds and strengthen connections in teams and organisations. It will help build story competence, develop story cultures, show you how to gather and use stories effectively plus increase your ability to tell your stories so that people watch or listen right to the end.
On this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • The importance of stories to organisations
  • The difference between a case study, a testimonial and a story
  • How to tell a good story
  • How to gather stories within organisations or communities
  • How to use stories for evaluation, engagement and development
  • How to manage ethical issues when working with stories.

Participants will use a story circle process to craft a story for themselves over the course of the workshop and will get to see and hear examples of stories that worked. Case studies and examples of how not for profit organisations have used stories to demonstrate outcomes will be shared. Participants will also experience how stories can strengthen identity and connections in teams and organisations by listening and working with the stories that others tell.
Content includes

  • Stories – the powers and the perils
  • Using stories for engagement, evaluation and learning
  • Differences between testimonials, stories and case studies
  • The elements of a good story
  • How to tell a good story
  • Listening deeply
  • Examples of stories that have changed hearts and minds
  • Story triggers that get great stories
  • The story circle process
  • Recording the stories that others tell
  • The ethics of story gathering

The workshop can be customised for teams and organisations to achieve specific strategic objectives. The story circle process is a versatile tool that brings out the stories that need to be heard for groups to do their best thinking, strengthen connections or support the holistic functioning of the organisation.
This workshop is presented by:
Moya Sayer-Jones, the founding human of Only Human, Sydney, and is hooked on story. The first seeds to Only Human were planted in 1998 when she was approached by Uniting Care Burnside to develop a book of stories about families experiencing great disadvantage.
Moya is a graduate of Sydney University and the Australian Film and Television School, a novelist with Penguin Books, a broadcaster (ABC radio), columnist (SMH/Good Weekend) and corporate speaker.  Only Human works with organisations throughout Australasia on a range of communication projects helping them gather and use stories for brand management, engagement, change management, leadership and culture change.
For more information about Moya click here and check out her blog here.

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