Support for young mothers

Whanau ora mother and babyI am 14 years old and had my baby three months ago. Before I got pregnant, I was  stealing cars, never home, doing drugs and having sex.

My partner left me after baby was born. I am too young to get any assistance from WINZ and me and my baby live in a house with 16 people.

Before I did my whānau plan I thought I was going to have to raise my baby by myself.  Now that I have a plan, I feel motivated. I know there are people there to support me in Whānau Ora – they treat me good and are encouraging me as a mother – that makes me feel good.

I want other Mums to know there’s support out there through Whānau Ora.

My advice to researchers…

  • Don’t judge me. I might be young but I am still learning and I just want the best future for my child.
Community Research


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