Speaking for Ourselves research report released

Cover of "Speaking for Ourselves" from Auckland City Mission

The Auckland City Mission has listened to the stories of 100 families who are long-term food bank users in order to better understand the factors that trap some families in a repeating cycle of poverty.
“Speaking for Ourselves” is a summary report drawn from the Family 100 Research Project data. The report brings the voices of these 100 families, both individually and collectively, into the public domain.
The report clearly highlights the plight of those living in poverty in their own words, and defines the eight key drivers that keep people locked into a state of constant financial hardship.
“Speaking for Ourselves” also highlights our families’ key concerns, and their views on what would make a difference for them to stand a better chance to free themselves from poverty.
Two key outcomes sought from disseminating the publication are:

  1. Auckland City Mission, along with other service providers, will be better able to support their clients as they try to meet the daily challenges they face.
  2. Bring the experiences of beneficiaries and low-paid workers into the public domain, and to encourage constructive conversations with people on low incomes rather than divisive rhetoric about them.

The Family 100 Research Project is a collaborative study undertaken by the Auckland City Mission in conjunction with a group of researchers from Waikato University, Massey University and the University of Auckland.
The report was released in July 2014.
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