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The Case Foundation “invests in ideas that can change the world”. They are a family foundation that specialises in learning in four key areas: Social Media, Active Citizenship, Good Giving and Corporate Responsibility.

“In our efforts to address social challenges, we unite the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology to identify, test, prove and scale ideas and models designed to create exponential impact.”

On offer are a wealth of research papers in these areas, resources, videos, blogs and more. One of their prominent pieces of work is research on the Millennial donors.
Click here for Social Media how tos and publications.
Click here for Good Giving reports.
For those interested in Corporate Philanthropy start here.
For ways to get involved, see the Active Participation section.
There are a lot of resources to sift through in these areas and the website is easy to navigate, so head on over to check them out.

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