Marianne Elliott

Marianne Elliot is a co-director of The Workshop, a research and communications not-for-profit organisation specialising in narratives strategies which help individuals and organisations to better communicate complex social and environmental issues.

Marianne is a researcher, strategist and storyteller with 25 years experience using research, advocacy and campaigning to promote human rights and democracy. Trained as a lawyer, she has done human rights research and advocacy in the Gaza Strip, Timor Leste and Afghanistan, as well as New Zealand. Marianne’s strengths are in qualitative research, digital strategy and communications that translate complex ideas into clear, compelling narratives.

Key Publications:

Ethnic Group
New Zealand European
All Researchers
Area of Expertise
Non-profit Sector, Income, Poverty & Wealth, Law & Justice, Families/ Whānau & Parenting, Children & Youth, Human Rights & Civil Liberties, Health & Wellbeing, ICT Information & Communication Technology, Poverty & Wealth, Media & Communications
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