Fatima Junaid

Dr Junaid specialises in area of Organisational behaviour & HR. Her work focuses on wellbeing and stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Mental health and Psychosocial risks at work. Her current research projects are on: migrant and refugee wellbeing; women exclusion and marginalisation; PTSD and its outcomes in the organisational context; and health and safety and Psychosocial risks in NZ in the wake of Covid-19. Fatima publishes in both academic journals & non-academic media. Prior to joining Massey Fatima has taught and worked as a consultant for more than a decade serving public and private sector entities. Fatima runs a social media support group “Pakistani women in Academia” which supports women’s further education & research

Ethnic Group
PhD or Doctorate
Area of Expertise
Ethnic Migrant and Former Refugee, Non-profit Sector
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