Bridget Frame

The world of Grant Making is an interesting one: an industry which has burgeoned, with the growth of banking and energy trusts, and gaming trusts. Many Councils also run substantial grant making programmes, and more and more corporate entities are looking to be seen to be doing good through giving programmes.

I have seen a need for a more integrated view of the sector, and, more importantly, some opportunities to direct more funds to the purpose of the Not For Profit by streamlining the process. There could also be some opportunities to have more of a look at what some groups actually do through casting some sunlight onto the sector. I have learnt that some groups are better than others, some may create unintended consequences, and that often there is little incentive to work together to make a real difference. 

I take publicly available information, clean it, categorise it and analyse it.  The results can be used to, for example:

  • Understand regional dynamics
  • Understand inequities
  • Work out whether some sectors are under or over-served by funders
  • Understand whether a third sector organisation is looking at all available funding options.

If you have a desire to change the way we do things, I’d love to talk.

Ethnic Group
New Zealand European
Bachelor Degree, All Researchers
Area of Expertise
Non-profit Sector, Research and Evaluation
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