Ahmed Al-Sa’di

I am a committed person with over 14 years of experience at several leading organization (7 years in NZ, 5 in KSA, 2 in Jordan) teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Currently, I am an assistant professor (Research Advisor and lecturer) at Auckland University of Technology and NorthTec in New Zealand. I am helping my student and colleagues to Integrate theoretical and technical knowledge in Human-Computer Interaction and user experience field.
My main research and professional interests are in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Education and Design Thinking, where I exploring people’s ideas and how we could have a better digital design to have a better life. My focus is on enabling users to overcome obstacles to effective decision-making and participation through the design of technologies. I believe that proper research should be data-driven and user-centric. It is an iterative process requiring collaboration between multiple teams.

Ethnic Group
PhD or Doctorate, All Researchers
Area of Expertise
Ethnic Migrant and Former Refugee, Education & Training, ICT Information & Communication Technology
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