A qualitative project explored the lived experiences and social service needs of affected or at-risk Black African migrants, refugees and their family members in New Zealand. One of the main themes that emerged from the data is HIV-related stigma and the profound ways it affects participants’ lives—including the ways they access care for HIV disease. Another major theme relates to participants’ courage, integrity and their challenge of stigma.


Creator | Kaihanga
Fouché, C., Henrickson, M. & Poindexter, C.
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Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives CC BY-NC-ND
Keywords | Kupu
HIV, Black African, migrants, refugees, New Zealand
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Fouché, C., Henrickson, M. & Poindexter, C. (2011). ‘Standing in the Fire’: Experiences of HIV positive Black African migrants and refugees living in New Zealand. Auckland: University of Auckland.

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