The current nutrition guidelines developed by the NZ Ministry of Health do not adequately serve youth due to the lack of input from rangatahi themselves and the absence of mātauranga Māori grounding. It is crucial for health resources to be co-designed, culturally responsive, and equitable, ensuring they resonate with the target population.
To address the deficiency of relevant guidelines for rangatahi, Nourishing Hawke’s Bay, He wairua tō te kai, is involving local rangatahi to translate official NZ nutrition guidelines into communications that connect with tamariki and rangatahi. Moreover, the project aims to explore how mātauranga Māori can enhance the comprehension and communication of guidelines for promoting healthy eating and overall well-being.
This project involves three phases:
1. Creating draft guidelines through a 5-day live-in workshop at a Marae with industry experts
2. Testing the revised guidelines with peers
3. Finalising the guidelines and developing a dissemination plan in a 3-day follow-up workshop


Creator | Kaihanga
Raun Makirere-Haere, Prof Boyd Swinburn, Prof David Tipene-Leach, Dr Renee Railton, Dr Rachael Glassey
Year of Creation | Tau
Keywords | Kupu
rangatahi; nutrition and wellbeing guidelines, co-design
Main Language | Reo Matua
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