This report is a piece of action research. It provides a snapshot of how the residents of Merivale, Tauranga feel about their suburb and reveals what they would like to change about living there.

This research report provides an evidence base and direction for future community action. It also strongly indicates that change has to be something that emanates from within this community, not just happens to it. The findings show that in recent years the Merivale Community Centre has earned the trust of local residents and is well placed to lead these changes. The research underlines that this sense of connection and community engagement will be crucial to the success of any future endeavours.

This report provides a theoretical framework and mandate for change. The challenge now is to turn its recommendations into reality. The research tells us we need to expand the scope of the events, programmes and activities the Centre has underway.


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Merivale Community Centre
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“Positive and Proud: Building a Better Future for Merivale”, Merivale Community Centre (Tauranga), 2009.

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