Increased accountability is often assumed to only be desirable for non-profit and voluntary organisations. This papers outlines some of the risks and dangers from externally imposed, and especially, ‘classic’ (legalistic) accountability arrangements found in contracting. In particular, a typology of ‘funder capture’ risks is presented.


Creator | Kaihanga
Garth Nowland-Foreman
Year of Creation | Tau
Publisher | Kaiwhakaputa
Association for Research on Nonprofit Organisations & Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)
Keywords | Kupu
Accountability, Funding, Contracting, Social Audit
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Nowland-Foreman, Garth (2000) Dangerous Accountabilities: Remaking Voluntary Organisations in Someone Else’s Image, ARNOVA 2000 Conference Proceedings, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organisations & Voluntary Action.

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