Colonization’s Impact on Fiji, New Zealand, India and Cultural Intersectionalities

Colonization had a profound effect on the Maori, Indian, Fiji Indian and Native Fijian population, intersecting with the Auckland Sugar Mill’s abusive relationship with the Fiji Indian sugarcane workers during Girmit until the Independence of Fiji however commonalities exist between the Maori, Indian and Fijian language, culture and music for example Matariki’s connection to Indian culture.

Praneil Chandra is an accomplished writer and historian, driven by his passion for uncovering the intertwined histories of India, Fiji, and New Zealand. Through his writing, which he extensively published on social media, blogs, and websites, Praneil delves deep into the history of the Girmit system and its impact on these three nations. His personal connection to this history runs deep, as his great grandfather served as a six-year-old boy under the Girmit system.


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