Objective: There is a paucity of health-related research on older Asian immigrants in New Zealand. The aim of this review was to critically examine literature on health and well-being of this population group.

Methods: An integrative literature review was conducted from December 2017 to February 2018. Online databases searched were Scopus, MEDLINE, CINAHL and the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre.

Results: Two themes were identified: Firstly, the “challenges stemming from an unfamiliar environment” faced by older Asian immigrants, and secondly, their “strategies for adjusting to a new home.” These themes suggested how participation in community and leisure activities, as well as adapting their outlook on life, contributed to these older migrants’ health and well-being within a New Zealand context.

Conclusion: A multitude of challenges in maintaining health and well-being confronted these older Asian immigrants; nevertheless, they created strategies to respond and positively influence their health following later-life migration.


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Jed Montayre, Jaden De-Arth, Jagamaya Shrestha-Ranjit, Stephen Neville, Eleanor Holroyd
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ageing immigrants, health, New Zealand, Older Asians
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Montayre, J., De-Arth, J., Shrestha-Ranjit, J., Neville, S., and Holroyd, E. (2019). Challenges and adjustments in maintaining health and well-being of older Asian immigrants in New Zealand: An integrative review. Australasian Journal on Ageing, 1-19.

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