In recent years ‘third way’ style governments have sought to partner with third sector organisations in ‘joined up’ government. The neo-liberal basis for the third way model has sought to make government’s community collaborators more professional in their approach. This has been achieved by influencing third sector organisations to adopt quasi-business models of organisational practice and accountability.


Creator | Kaihanga
Aimers, J and Walker, P.
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International Society for Third Sector Research, Eighth International Conference, Barcelona, Spain, July 9-12, 2008, Working Papers Vol VI.
Keywords | Kupu
Accountability, Funding, Third Way
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Aimers, J & Walker, P. (2008). Alternative models of accountability for third sector organisations in New Zealand. Eight International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research and Second EMES-ISTR European Conference in partnership with the CINEFOGO Network of Excellence

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