A Rainbow Refugee Quota for Aotearoa is an attempt at policy change. The report’s audience is decision makers in government, but it also recognises the need for policy to be guided by those affected by this policy: LGBTIQ+ refugees who are seeking protection and those who have already found it in Aotearoa and who form the basis of community solidarity and support. Intended as a green paper, this report positions Aotearoa to show international leadership in LGBTIQ+ protection by creating a special rainbow category under its refugee quota. Throughout the report, we identify how this category could be potentially supported and structured.


Creator | Kaihanga
Centre for Asia Refugee Rights Studies (CAPRS)
Year of Creation | Tau
Keywords | Kupu
Rainbow, Refugee Resettlement
Main Language | Reo Matua
Submitter's Rights | Nga Tika o te Kaituku
This resource is in the public domain
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