Pacific Peoples

Pacific ways of talk – hui and talanoa

By: David Robinson, Kayt Robinson
Published: 2005-04-01

This case study explores Pacific ways of talking about issues of common concern with reference to two customary forms of talk that continue in current use in Fiji and Aotearoa.…

Language and Culture Pacific Peoples

Giving, Investing and Sharing – approaches to philanthropy

By: David Robinson
Published: 2004-06-01

Charities and philanthropy have come under increasing pressure to become more business-like in the way that funds are raised, managed and distributed. This has resulted in emphasising venture philanthropy, or…

Economics & Finances Māori Philanthropy

Forming norms and implementing sanctions – deliberation and sustained dialogue in a social capital framework

By: David Robinson

Citizens have lost the capacity to engage meaningfully in making decisions about issues of concern. Many people are isolated from the talk which makes it possible understand the world and…

Non-profit Sector

Becoming deliberative – A case study of activities using a deliberative approach in Porirua City, New Zealand

By: David Robinson
Published: 2003-04-29

This case study reviews a series of events using a deliberation approach that have taken place in Porirua City. The nature of these activities is considered in relation to how…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Health & Wellbeing
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