Basing qualitative research within Tikanga Māori – New to the Kete

Old ways of having new conversations: Basing qualitative research within Tikanga Māori (Māori protocol)

A 2009 paper based on the incorporation of tikanga-based processes into the Constructive Conversations: Kōrero Whakaaetanga research project. By Bevan Tipene-Matua, Dr Hazel Phillips, Dr Fiona Cram, Dr Murray Parsons and Katrina Taupo.
This paper explores how Māori cultural processes can guide research processes. Tikanga Māori (Māori ways/traditions) based dialogue processes acknowledge relationships between people and the reasons why they have gathered together. In this paper we describe the tikanga processes used in the Kōrero Whakaaetanga project to facilitate a safe context for participants to share their thoughts and feelings about new biotechnologies.
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