Te Rū Rangahau

The role of Te Ru Rangahau is to support and promote the Strategy for Māori Development of the University of Canterbury, in particular, the  following goals:

  • to support the advancement of Indigenous postgraduates in the College
  • to advance research that is responsive to Māori and Indigenous needs and aspirations

Other goals:

  • Encourage and facilitate meaningful engagement with iwi Māori at the conceptual stage of research planning, with ongoing support and advice as needed.
  • Provide timely Māori consultation for research proposals for those seeking external funding.
  • Assist the College of Education, Health and Human Development to be aware of and engage with the Māori research funding environment.
  • Facilitate overseas scholars whose research and teaching  interests and aspirations are in tandem with Māori and Indigenous development, and the development of minoritised communities
  • Ensure that that all research is conducted in a manner that is consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi principles, with appropriate cultural oversight and advice for both researchers and research participants.
  • Help to raise the profile of Māori research by promoting culturally responsive research processes and practices through symposia, and university-wide communications about research opportunities and successes
Community Research


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