Mind The Gap

bryan bruce

This is Bryan Bruce’s latest documentary on what is driving the gap between rich and poor in New Zealand. 
Bruce investigates why the current state of child health in New Zealand is so bad and what we can do about it. He interviews families, teachers and local doctors.
He then travels to Sweden to find out why the Swedes are second for child health and New Zealand is third from the bottom.
“What I discovered is that they work smarter,” says Bruce. “They know that for every dollar they spend on prevention they save about $4 on cure. They have a completely free health care system for children up to the age of 18”.
In his documentary, Bruce interviews some credible international academics, including New Zealand’s Professor Robert Wade. Listen to the debate and make up your own mind.
You can find it on TV3 “on demand”
Fundraising event
Bryan Bruce will be discussing and presenting his documentary Mind the Gap
Where: Spectrum Theatre, BP House, corner Customhouse Quay and Johnson St, Wellington.
When: Friday 27 September 6.30, entry $20, refreshments, raffle
Copies of Mind the Gap and of Inside Child Poverty will be on sale. Funds raised will be used to support CPAG’s research projects.

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