Microvolunteering – Evidence of Impact


This report, Microvolunteering: Evidence of Impact, is based on the implementation of microvolunteering that Help From Home promotes.
It is a roundup of the impact from microvolunteering that participating organisations have publicised. Some have provided numbers of actions donated, others have provided outcomes as a result of the donations.
This is proof that many people, contributing tiny actions, can make a difference.
Some examples include:

Everyclick (charity donating search engine)£2,704,078 raised for charity 
Squidoo (article writing)Donates 45% of its income to over124 charities
World Community Project(distributed computing to help cure
cancer, muscular dystrophy etc)
597,322 participants donated 631,437years of computing time
Earth Day (pledging acts of green)1,024,000,191 ‘green’ pledges ofaction

Find the report here.
Check out the website here – you can sign up for actions that take as little as a minute!

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