Mapping Social Enterprises in NZ – Results of a Survey

OCVS survey reveals diverse, mature and active social enterprise sector in NZmapping social enterprise

Mapping social enterprises in New Zealand – Results of a 2012 survey
They begin with defining the term: “While the term “social enterprise” is relatively new, social enterprises have been operating in various guises for many years. Non-profit organisations have commonly derived some income by selling goods and services. If this trading element grows and becomes a significant focus, the organisation may be viewed as a social enterprise.”
The survey consisted of 31 questions. People receiving the survey were encouraged to distribute it further as they saw fit. Responses from 421 organisations were analysed to form the basis of the report.
They concluded, “The findings of this survey reveal a social enterprise sector that is relatively mature and quite diverse. Social enterprises in New Zealand are operating in a range of industries, serving many different types of beneficiaries. While most organisations are locally based, a number have more regional or national perspectives. A small number also focus their profits on international causes.”
Read the report here.

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