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Native Affairs recently filmed a piece on the Inzone Project, which is a project that looks at establishing a means for  young Māori and Pasifika boys who are living beyond the zone limits to get a good quality education at Auckland Boys Grammar.

The project was begun in 2011 by Terrance Wallace, an African American man who wished to establish a means by  which young Māori and Pasifika boys could get a good quality education when they lived beyond the zone limits of good quality schools. Auckland Boys Grammar School was chosen as it is one of New Zealand’s leading schools academically. Thanks to the generous donation of a property by Ngāti Whatua within the schooling zone, Terrance was able to establish a boarding house where a maximum of 50 boys could stay and attend Auckland Boys Grammar.

The Native Affairs piece looks at what the project means to the boys involved and what benefits they have gained from being a part of it.

I believe that if you remove all of the challenges they have getting into the classroom and give them [the] support needed what [is] inside of them so they can perform academically, then you would get a good outcome.”

-Terrance Wallace

You can watch the Native Affairs piece HERE

For more information on the INZONE project you can go to their website at:

Contributed by Aneta Cram

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