Inspiring Impact

Inspiring impact
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Inspiring Impact is a UK-wide collaboration between eight organisations to make high quality impact measurement the norm for charities and social enterprises by 2022. The partnership includes organisations like National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and Third Sector Leaders (ACEVO).
They are working toward five key objectives under five themes, answering five key questions for the sector:
• What does good impact practice look like?
• How do we know what we need to measure?
• How do we measure it?
• How can we compare with and learn from others?
• What’s the role for funders?
Their paper, Inspiring impact: The code of good impact practice, released in June 2013, provides an outline of their eight general principles for good impact practice, and provides a guide on how to enact it.

Find the paper here.
The Code of Good Impact Practice Consultation: Response to the voluntary and community sector, is also available.
“This consultation response highlights the key themes that emerged and clearly identifies how, following further consultation with the Code working group, certain suggestions have been incorporated to improve the Code.”
You can read about the Inspiring Impact initiative on their website, learn about their work and find more publications on their website,

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