Insights from social policy research on communities and Covid

We are proudly and actively part of the community network ComVoices – amplifying the voices of Aotearoa’s community sector to influence decision-makers.

ComVoices has been working hard to create an face to face opportunity to insights from social policy research on communities, during a Covid environment.

Janie Walker and Gauri Nandedkar presented at the ComVoices Insights from Social Policy Research on Communities and Covid at the Royal Society 7 September 2022. We presented our own inquiry into what has been happening to the way in which communities have been participating in research in a Covid environment. And what impact on community this has and will make. Thank you to Ana Ika for her work on this enquiry.

Our takeaways from this event:

  1. Communities have their own solutions. They are creative and resourceful.
  2. During lockdown and after, whakawhanaungatanga and local mobilisation were keys to success. How can this continue?
  3. Whānau were not receivers of service, they were co-delivers of service.
  4. Covid showed us that a disability lens needs to be over everything we do. People with disabilities are a part of every community.
  5. Knowledge is locally performed.
  6. Local solutions like Rally Your Village is an excellent example of the innovative ways that communities perform.
  7. As Government seeks to get closer to communities, they could utilise community mechanisms like ComVoices, Community Research, Hui E and Powerdigm.
  8. Community Research is also looking at offering a Research Broker/Curator Function to support the way community research is done.
  9. The way in which community research is designed, done and shared needs to change in order to realise tino rangatirotanga and diverse community aspirations.
  10. Research participants need to be equal partners in research.
  11. Supporting national and local community researchers needs to be resourced.
  12. Equity happens from diverse perspectives.
  13. We are in a new local, Community paradigm.

Community Research


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