How to use this website

This website a hub for research, knowledge and lived experience by, about and to benefit communities in Aotearoa. Our two main collections are Community Research and Whānau Ora Research. There are many ways to use this website to benefit your mahi:

Share your knowledge

We welcome you to share your knowledge and research with us, by uploading your research to our database.

Search for resources

We invite you to search our database for articles that interest you or support your work – click on the ‘Community Research‘ or ‘Whānau Ora Research‘ dropdown arrows at the top, then type in the search field or click on a category to look for research that interests you. Check out our special collections collated on specific communities and topics, by selecting the ‘Collections‘ dropdown menu.

Watch a webinar

Watch our webinars on topics of interest and benefit to all those who work with communities in Aotearoa.

Register as a researcher or evaluator

If you are a Researcher or Evaluator in Aotearoa, we encourage you to register on our database so that communities in Aotearoa can connect with you when they are in need of your skills and experience.

Search for a researcher or evaluator

We invite you to search our Researcher/Evaluator database if you are looking for someone to help you with research or evaluation in Aotearoa.

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