Enabling people to live well

Enabling People to Live Well

Enabling People to Live Well
Fresh thinking about collaborative approaches to care for people with long-term conditions
“Making care truly person-centred requires radically different ways of thinking. The ideas explored in this report suggest fresh ways of thinking about how patients and clinicians can work together in a meaningful partnership. Thinking in terms of capabilities and relational autonomy will not resolve tensions between patient and clinician priorities, but these concepts can help support much-needed discussion.”
The report outlines potentially helpful shifts in thinking:

  • More attention both to the deeper and more subtle aspects of clinician–patient relationships, and also to the potential significance of those relationships for who patients are able to be and what they are able to do
  • The broader purposes of collaboration and healthcare – a capability-focused approach
  • Enabling patients and addressing contexts

Or approaching treatment in a holistic, positive, whole of life context.
“The authors also argue that the desire to see healthcare professionals and patients as equal partners risks paying insufficient attention to appropriate differences between their roles, responsibilities, sources of authority and accountabilities. They suggest that, in seeking to support a patient’s self-efficacy and activation, the familial, social, economic and cultural constraints on their lives can be neglected.”
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