Approaches to Measuring Community Change

approaches to community change
evaluation approaches

Measuring the change that we effect has been a challenge for the community sector.
Liz Weaver, who is presenting Community Research’s first webinar, Collective Impact: Getting to Shared Measurement, on 18 February, has co-produced the paper Approaches to Measuring: Community Change Indicators
Produced with Paul Born and Denise L. Whaley, this paper is a consolidation of the research and content of four papers, previously published by Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement.  Those papers focused on measuring less poverty in communities, more vibrant communities, more collaboration and more citizen engagement.

This paper covers the following sections:

  • Approaches to measuring: Community Change Indicators
  • Less Poverty in Communities
  • More Vibrant Communities
  • More Community Engagement
  • More Collaboration in Communities
  • Conclusions

The sections discuss possible indicators of outcomes for each measure and provide comprehensive further reading.
Find the paper here.

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