About Community Research

Community Research raises the mana of knowledge by providing digital resources and opportunities for the sector to connect and share. We hold two main collections of knowledge: Community Research and the whānau ora collection of resources, Whānau Ora Research We also look after the evaluation resource website What Works

Our whakapapa is strong and continues to be the foundation on which we work.  

We continue to be a treaty-based organisation: our Kaitiaki (Governance) structure and practice models Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Due respect in our governance: We have a tangata whenua caucus and tangata Tiriti caucus. At our kaitiaki hui, each caucus meets separately to discuss issues and opportunities, then works together.

Our next step in being a treaty-based organisation is to share our experience to inspire others to continue their journey in actioning Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We continue to evaluate how we apply this kaupapa in our work at all levels.

Our supporters are diverse – Government agencies, Trusts, philanthropic funders, research tertiary agencies and a small membership base. Our supporters are growing as Community takes its rightful place in decision making and knowledge sharing. See who supports us here

Our current focus 

More than ever before, now is the time to raise the mana of diverse knowledges. Whānau and communities are standing tall and raising their voice. We capture this so that their knowledge is shared in spaces that bring about change.

Our current and future focuses strengthen us as leaders in the sector. This year, we embarked on a deep dive into what changes in thinking and behaviours we contribute to. This Outcomes Harvesting evaluation method revealed that we strongly contribute to attitude and behaviour change in Aotearoa. What should we do now?

What are we doing to tautoko (support) you? 

  • Strengthening our kuhu mai approach for Māori researchers and evaluators
  • Continuing our focus on Pasifika and diverse knowledges
  • Exploring knowledge in other areas – like youth, diverse communities and indigenous climate change adaptation
  • Experimenting with new modes of delivery (we were the first to do webinars – what’s next?) 
  • Creating more ways for you to use new knowledge to make the transformation you want to see  
  • Developing ways to continue these transformations so that community knowledge is valued alongside academic research and institutional reports. 

How are we doing this? 

  • Our free database of research and knowledge benefits communities and whānau and is accessible to all.  
  • Our free evaluation resources empower you to do your own evaluations of your mahi and its impact, or find an experienced community evaluator.
  • Our special collections elevate specific voices so that their perspectives and lived-experiences are validated and actioned. 
  • Our register of researchers makes it easy to find people to provide community evidence for your mahi.
  • Our free webinars transform the way people think about themselves, their communities, and the power structures within Aotearoa. 
  • Our podcast channel provides bite-sized opportunities to share insights, ideas, new ways of thinking and action, that can support the important mahi that community leaders and organisations are doing to make a difference in Aotearoa.
  • Our other digital resources support community-led development and enable others to share their own knowledge.
  • Our kanohi ki te kanohi (face-to-face) and online communities of knowledge tautoko (support) whānau, researchers, evaluators and others in the Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary Sector to action the transformation they want to see.
  • Our Code of Practice encourages research that benefits communities 
  • Our Theory of Change ensures we make the right impact. 
  • Co-designing for a national Knowledge Symposium in 2022. We would love to hear your ideas.

We would love to hear from you, please contact us here.

Organisation documents 

Community Research is a Living Wage Employer.

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