Our People

Sincere Duhabwanayo

Coordinator | Kairuruku

Sincere is our coordinator extraordinaire, hailing from lands across the ocean. She brings a world of experience and knowledge in international communication and resolution. Sincere is a critical thinker and problem solver, with wide-ranging cultural knowledge and experiences that has enabled her to understand and provide solutions for various problems, and enable individuals from all walks of life. Sincere’s passion for diversity and inclusion has motivated her to pursue and complete Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, specialising in international relations, history, politics and conflict resolution from the University of Auckland and Massey University.

Sincere has a driving ambition to facilitate and see people express their voices and institute impactful change that produces positive contribution. In her free time, Sincere enjoys travelling, capturing different sceneries (particularly nature), and playing and/or watching tennis and football.   

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