As we receive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) around Whānau Ora Research and this website, we will post both the question and the answer here.

Pātai/ Questions:

Q: What is Whānau Ora research?
A: The Whānau Ora approach is unique because it:

  • Recognises a collective entity,
  • Endorses a group capacity for self-determination,
  • Has an inter-generational dynamic,
  • Is built on a Māori cultural foundation,
  • Asserts a positive role for whānau within society and can be applied across a wide range of social and economic sectors.

Action research, co-creation, participatory research, community-led research, and other forms of evaluation can utilise whanau ora approaches for design, data, analysis, building evidence and dissemination of results for programmes, funding and community practice.

Click here to download the Whānau Ora Frequently Asked Questions on Action Research

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